Applause By Ovation AE128-5 Acoustic Electric Guitar Review

There are numerous models of guitar in the world market today. Some prove to be durable and give high-quality sound while others last a short while and give out the poor sound quality.

Ovation has manufactured guitars for more than 35 years and their acoustic guitars have not disappointed the people.

The guitar brings back the lyramold rounded back design- a design pioneered by Ovation. This design brings a feeling of the old design guitars but with more technology than in the past. It has a dovetail neck joint. This makes the setting of the neck angle at the factory easier since it becomes permanent.

The truck makes the guitar easily playable since the neck is stable enough for any sort of grip. It also supports the fretboard in a way that completely cuts the risk of breakage.

Features of the Applause By Ovation AE128-5

This guitar has a great bargain for people who want to play a modern guitar but still have the old classic feel when doing it. The main features of this guitar are:

  • The guitar has an active preamp, OP-4B. Of the active preamps in the market, the OP-4B is the best, ensuring the signal is transmitted without altering anything.
  • Shallow rounded bowl with an elegant, black top.
  • An adjustable strong neck that supports the fingerboard ensuring it does not break.
  • The bridge, made of walnut, is easily modifiable and ensures that the sound from the strings is clearly heard.
  • The stable neck of the acoustic-electric guitar, the base of the fretboard, is playable but stable and does not wobble around.
Applause By Ovation AE128-5

Who is it for?

Although all can use it, those with experience in playing guitars will enjoy the Applause AE128-5. This is because they can operate all the technical parts of the guitar.

Beginners will be able to play on it but will not be able to capture the full potential of the instrument.

Pros and Cons

The Applause AE128-5 is simple and easy to use, even a beginner will be able to use it with ease.  The guitar is durable and priced reasonably. This is lucrative for musicians in the starting stages.

The sound quality is good. This is because of the additions that ensure the sound comes out smoothly. The guitar is slim and sleek, making it easily mobile. It is light and the user does not get tired of carrying it around.

Applause AE128-5

Some of the acoustic-electric guitars come without being tuned. This produces a bad off-tune sound since there is no intonation. Shipping of the guitar can take a long time to reach the customer.

Due to its small frame, the guitar can warp and easily break, the neck being the most vulnerable point on the guitar. Repairing the guitar will be difficult for beginners, and this will prove costly for the user.

Why Buy it?

This guitar is a good bargain for the guitarist who wants to experience quality sound from a guitar.

Final Verdict

The Applause AE128-5 Acoustic-Electric Guitar is top-of-the-range. It has some issues with the structural integrity but overall, it is a necessary have from the experienced guitarist.

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