Best Beginner Guitar Books That Will Teach You Everything You Need to Know

So you want to learn to play guitar, but you don’t have the money to pay for weekly guitar lessons from a professional guitar instructor. No problem.

Many great guitar players have started out in that very position.  And that’s why a lot of them are self-taught.

While there are many great benefits to utilizing the wisdom and expertise of a guitar instructor, part of the fun of playing guitar is the process of discovering how to play it.  Literally, all you need after buying your first beginner guitar is the ambition to keep practicing every day and not letting yourself slack.

If you think you can do that, then forget paying for expensive instructions.  Be your own teacher!

Fortunately for the guitar players taking the self-taught route, there are many great resources available for learning guitar at any age without forking out the money for guitar lessons. You can pick up guitar magazines at the grocery stores, which contain tips and mini-lessons on a variety of guitar playing aspects. You can also check out videos on YouTube for guitar lessons.

A really great option for self-teaching yourself to play guitar, though, is through guitar instructional books, and we’ll be walking through three of the best beginner guitar books below. Because visitors may play electric, acoustic, or classical guitar, the three books are divided between those three types of guitars.

Three Best Beginner Guitar Books

1) Electric Guitar – Total Rock Guitar by Troy Stetina:

Troy Stetina is one of the foremost guitar instructors in the world, and even some of the greatest guitar players in the world have taken lessons from him, such as Mark Tremonti of Creed and Alter Bridge fame. He’s written several guitar instruction books, but Total Rock Guitar is the best for a fundamental approach to electric guitar rock music.

greatest guitar players

Stetina’s approach in this book is unique because each chapter focuses on a particular technique and its followed by a song (composed by Stetina) for the player to actually utilize the technique.

Many guitar instructional books teach you how to play some techniques and some riffs and licks to put them into practice, but Stetina believes that guitar players will be more motivated to continue playing if they’re actually learning to play real songs.

The songs, which are included on the CD that comes with the book, all sound really good, and they cover a variety of styles.

A beginning electric guitar player can’t go wrong with starting with this beginner guitar book and then moving on to some of Stetina’s more advanced books.

2) Acoustic Guitar – The Hal Leonard Acoustic Guitar Method by Chad Johnson:

Chad Johnson has written many guitar instruction books, and The Hal Leonard Acoustic Guitar Method is one of the best beginner guitar books for acoustic guitar players.

Hal Leonard Acoustic Guitar

This book covers a variety of acoustic guitar techniques and a variety of guitar styles, and, like Stetina’s book, Johnson wants guitar players to put these techniques into practice through actual guitar songs.

When you go through this book, you’ll learn seven famous acoustic guitar songs, such as “Dust in the Wind” by Kansas and “Cross Road Blues” by Robert Johnson. The book includes a CD with all of the examples and songs on it. Use this book to learn some basics and then some.

3) Classical Guitar – The Hal Leonard Classical Guitar Method by Paul Henry:

Paul Henry is a renowned classical guitar player and instructor, and he outlines the basics of playing classical guitar in The Hal Leonard Classical Guitar Method.

As Henry walks you through the techniques of playing classical guitar, he also takes you a journey through the music of the classical composers. A CD with all of the examples is included.

Aspiring players should know before picking up this book that there isn’t any guitar tablature included in the book, so some level of music reading ability is required.

Hal Leonard Classical Guitar

Learning how to play guitar on your own is a very doable option, especially with these beginner guitar books. Decide what kind of music you want to play, then pick up one of these books today.

Be sure to practice consistently and utilize a metronome to help with mastering the techniques in each book.

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