Best Electric Violins Review in 2019

Electric Violins are one of the new trends that are coming up among Violin players especially the Younger one who would like to have more power and control over their Violins.

Here we have tried to compile into the list some of the best Electric Violins according to their ratings from customers, expert’s opinion and our own verdicts.

But before dig in into more technical stuff about the electric Violin, there are some points that you would certainly need to have.

As the most valuable thing that an Electric Violin provides its users as compared to its Acoustic counterpart is the control that it tends to offer to the Violin Player mainly with the sound and flexibility.

As it is using the new modern Electric Violins that you will be able to control the sound with others Musical instrument and particularly create something Magical.

Top 7 Best Electric Violin Review

1. Yamaha SV-130 Silent Violin

Yamaha Musical Company produces one of the widest ranges of Musical Instruments for its customers as it gradually ranges from a Keyboard to a Mouth organ. And all the Musical Instrument is popular among its customers because of the Quality that it tends to offer.

And the Violins by Yamaha is no exception, as Yamaha produces one of the most high-quality ranges of Electric Violin and one of the best Electric Violin among them is the Yamaha SV-130. I personally love this model of Electric Violin by Yamaha because of the Flexibility and quality of Tune that it produces.

Yamaha SV-130 Silent Violin

Yamaha SV-130 Silent Electric Violin is made with a Spruce Body and a Maple Neck with full Ebony Fingerboard and Pegs which provides the Violin a quality of very high standard.

Apart from the external specifications about this Violin, it also sports a Master Volume control, Aux-in Volume, In-Out Jacks, Reverb and Piezo Sensor.

All of the above features and specifications of this Violin makes it one of the most Versatile and Popular Electric Violin in the Market currently.

2. Cecilio 4/4 CEVN-2BL

The Cecilio 4/4 CEVN-2BL Electric Violin has a special place in my heart because of the fact that this was one of my First Violin that I used for giving my first on-stage performance.

And I must admit that this Violin has been with me for quite some time now. Through both good and bad times and I am so proud to advise this Electric Violin to everyone who wants to make memories that would last forever.

Cecilio 4/4 CEVN-2BL

Cecilio 4/4 CEVN-2BL comes with a Hand-carved solid Maple wood body and is sure to provide stability to the body of the Violin, and it comes with a complete Ebony Fingerboard, pegs, tailpiece with a pearl inlay. And the Violin is backed by a 9V alkaline battery that is sure to last quite some time.

The outfit of this Electric Violin comes with a Lightweight hard case, Brazil Wood Bow, Rosin Cake, a bridge, Aux cable, and headphones.

3. Ricard Bunnel G2

Ricard Bunnel G2 is a Violin Model manufactured by Kennedy String Instruments and what makes this Violin so special is the fact that it provides quality as well as Protection as it is one of those Few String instruments that offers a lifetime warranty.

And due to the quality that it offers on its products, it is one of the highest rated Violins on Amazon and #1 rating in U.S Customer Service.

Ricard Bunnel G2

Apart from this the Violin also offers one of the highest qualities of Products in terms of their Violins as the Violin body comes with a Solid carved spruce and maple tonewoods and a 100% Ebony Fingerboards for the smooth alteration of notes and keys with an oil-based finish for giving Violin a very classic look.

The Violin Outfit comes with a high-quality Brazilwood Bow, rosin, a professional Hard Case and D’Addario Prelude Strings of the highest quality which will certainly ensure the durability of the string as well as the heartwarming tune.

So Ricard Bunnel G2 Model of Violin by Kennedy is certainly one of those Professional Violins that you should certainly get with any further delays.

4. Anton Breton VW-3 Violin

Anton Breton VW-3 is one of those Violin Models that is quite flexible and it can be actually used for a different class of Players. And apart from all this, the most important thing about this Violin is the budget-friendly price that it comes within.

Anton Breton VW-3 Violin

So if you are one of those users who would want to keep things simple but does not like to consider the quality of the Violin then Anton Breton VW-3 Violin is just for you. It is considered being one of the top Intermediate Violins in the market right now with Thousands of happy customers.

The Anton Breton VW-3 comes with a solid hand-carved select spruce top with solid flamed maple back and sides and inlaid purfling. And the other remaining portion including the Fingerboard, nut, and saddle are made of pure Ebony.

But the most unique and important feature due to which this Violin is quite popular among its customers is the Customizable feature of the Violin as you can take part of the Violin very easily and customize it to your own liking.

5. Bunnel Pupil Violin Outfit

Bunnel Pupil Violin is high rated electric violin for Students and it can be a great stepping stone for you to get into the professional line of playing Violins.

Bunnel Pupil Violin Outfit

The body of this Violin comes with a Solid carved spruce and maple tonewoods and 100% ebony fittings for the fingerboards and Pegs. All of these things make the quality of this Violin very good and makes it one of the finest Violins for students.

The outfit of the Violin generally comes with a professional case, genuine Brazilwood bow, rosin, and D’Addario Prelude strings. And all of this specification and accessories certainly makes it one of the good choices for students Violin.

6. Stentor 1550 Violin

Stentor 1550 4/4 Violin is one of the highest rated and it is rightly proved on many occasions about the quality of products that it offers for its users. We have tried this Instrument in many of the occasion and it always to be one of the best in the different tests.

It is one of the Violins that I have personally used for quite a year now and it has never failed to impress me even a single time. So I would proudly suggest to any of the readers to get this Violin in you looking for high-Quality Violin at the most reasonable price tag.

Stentor 1550 Violin

Every Stentor 1550 4/4 model of Violin come handcrafted from the most experienced hands with a figured solid Tonewoods with fine-grained spruce top and a Maple body back and sides of the Violins body which help the Violin to produce a very warm sound which is appreciated by every expert of Violin.

And it comes with a full Ebony fittings, hardwood chin rest, red label strings, four strings adjusters, nylon tailpiece loop, and a fully mounted wood horsehair Bow and a professional hard case.

7. Southwest Strings Klaus Mueller Maestro Violin 320F

This Violin is certainly one of those Products that we have personally checked and found out quite worthy of our time and Money.

And it could certainly be one of the Top Acoustic Violins with the quality and specifications that the Violin packs in it. This Model of Violin is quite worthy for both the Intermediate class of Violin Players as well as the Professionals.

Klaus Mueller Maestro Violin 320F

About the Specifications of this Violin are made of the Wood of the highest quality and it comes with a full Ebony finger wood, pegs and end button which give this Violin a very Professional standard. And it comes with a composite tailpiece and four inbuilt string adjusters, Mulko chinrest and a high-quality D’Adarrio Prelude Strings.

While we were trying out this Southwest Strings Klaus Mueller 320F Violin we absolutely fell in love with the warm and pleasant sound that it produced.

But the downside of this Violin was that it does not come with an outfit which is quite disappointing as the users will need to buy different sets of other Violin Accessories.

8. ADM 4/4 VLZ31-44 Violin

ADM or All Day Music is another main manufacturer of Musical Instrument that is becoming quite popular among the customers during a short period of Time. It is mainly famous among the users because of their beginner range of Violin that packs very powerful specification at the most reasonable price.

ADM 4/4 VLZ31-44 Violin is one of those Violins that I have personally advised to most of my Students. And this beginner’s pack of Violin comes with all the necessary accessories that any particular student and beginner of Violin would require.

 ADM 4/4 VLZ31-44 Violin

This Model of Violin comes with a Solid wood body and an attractive gloss dark brown varnish that will help the violin to make a clean tune and it comes with a hand-carved solid Spruce top and a solid Maple back and sides that will provide stability for the Violins body.

The Outfit of ADM 4/4 VLZ31-44 Violin comes with a lightweight shaped Violin case, Brazilwood Violin bows with ebony frog and white horsehair, rosin, and an E-tuner.

Apart from the above some electric violin for money, there are many other Violins that have the right to be named among the best Electric Violins some of them being D Z Strad Electric Violin Outfit E203, ViolinSmart EV20 Electric Violin, Fender(R) FV1 Electric Violin, etc.

Simple Guidelines To Buying an Electric Violin

Here are some of the few important things that you should check out for in your favorite Violin before actually spending your Time and Money on it.


There are many Violins out there in the market that are quite pricey but the features and specifications that it comes up with are quite the same as that of Violins which are half of its price. I would personally suggest you stay away from such type of products.


Another thing that you should check out on your Violin is the size of the Violin that you are going to buy. A variety of Violin brands manufactures Violins at different Sizes. I would suggest you find the Violin size with which you are most comfortable.

Here is a chart of different sizes of Violins available make sure you get the correct size of Violin for you.

Sound and Tone Quality

How much we keep on talking about the quality of Raw material used in Violin, Size, Color, Price but at the end of the day Violin are meant for only one reason I.e. for Playing good Music and Tone.

So this is one of the important things that you should look for in your fiddle or Violin. As having a Violin that does not perform in real life is of no use. So I would suggest my readers get a Violin set that actually produces quality tone and sound according to their will.

Final Notes

Later on, we will be having a complete set of the list of the Top rated Electric Violin for different Users. Till then stay tuned.

And all the features of this Electric Violin surely prove to be very effective and versatile when it comes to providing a high-quality Electric Violin.

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