Best Guitar Amps in 2019 – Buying Guide & Reviewed

Even though a bigger guitar amp might impress your friends, sometimes it’s just not practical.  It will take up too much space in the bedroom or apartment, the volume will be too loud, and it’s a way too heavy to lug around everywhere!

Top 4 Best Guitar Amps

So for the sake of being sensible and not to mention easier on your wallet, here are four small guitar amps for you that can easily become your bedroom’s best friend while still being perfect for your needs.

Fender Frontman 10G Electric Guitar Amplifier:

This amp is a beginner’s dream come true.  Slightly small than the Fender Mustang I, the Fender Frontman 10G is an inexpensively priced amp that is high in quality and delivers an amazing sound – even considering it uses only 10 watts of power. Even though this is not gig material, you can certainly learn to play the guitar on this amp without feeling like you own a cheap one.

With one channel gain and all the basic features, the Frontman 10G is hands down one of the best amps for beginners because it steers them clear of the distraction of having too many built-in effects.

This lets them focus solely on playing the instrument because the amp delivers quality sound given the price range. So if you are an amateur guitarist looking for an amp to practice on in your home, the Frontman 10G is your comrade.

Fender Frontman 10G Electric Guitar Amplifier

The Line 6 Spider IV 1×8″ 15-Watt

If having built-in effects in the amp is what you desire, but you are not willing to spend too much, then you might perhaps want to consider the Line 6 Spider IV 15-Watt guitar amplifier. With a 15-watt speaker, this amp can produce rather loud sounds than you would expect from it.

Great for home and practice use, the Spider IV comes with an array of effects and multiple tones for you try. The smart FX effects this amp carries have earned awards for their ease of use and precision. With loads of other presets and tones, you can already start feeling like Jimmy Hendrix in your humble abode while you prepare to face huge audiences later on!

Line 6 Spider IV

The Orange PPC108 1×8″ 20-Watt:

Now here’s something colorful for a change you might like. The Orange PPC108, apart from being orange in color, proves that good tone and good speakers don’t necessarily have to come in a huge package. This amp comes in a tiny package that is absolutely amazing for your room, especially if you have limited space.

The 8-inch speaker packs a punchy tone, particularly when combined with Orange’s MicroTerror amp head. The rugged body and the 20-watt speakers will have you rocking for a long time. However, don’t overestimate the power of this amp for it can only deliver what its size allows. But that alone is enough if your need is to practice at home, and it will definitely surpass your expectations given the quality it delivers for the price you pay for it.

Orange PPC108

Marshall MG15CF 15-Watt Combo Amp:

The name Marshall is enough to show the quality of a product when it comes to the Amp market. The Marshall MG15CF leaves no stone unturned in the quality department and delivers everything you’d expect from the more expensive Marshall amps for sale but at an affordable price.

This is a true Marshall product with the tone that Marshall is famous for. The low price and the analog amplification through cutting-edge technology make it one of the best amps for beginners as well as professionals who want to perfect their trade through practicing.

Considering the size of the amp, the 15-watt speakers are enough to blast your room with its high volume. So, if you’re not expecting much from an amplifier that is priced so low, you better get your expectations up, since it is going to surprise you a lot.

Marshall MG15CF

Final Notes

So if you’re a beginner guitar player and need a good amp at a small price, consider buying any one of these 4 small guitar amps, and you’ll be rocking your tunes for a long time.

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