Choosing the Best Guitar Tuner in 2019 – Reviewed by Experts

To deliver an amazing, top-notch, mind-boggling guitar performance, what is the most crucial thing you need?

An expensive amp?  Not really.

A set of high-end strings?  Nope.

Cool sounding effects pedals?  Um… no.

A guitar?  Well, yes, of course, but the thing we actually had in mind is – you need to be in tune!

And to accomplish this at all times, you will need a quality tuner. Even if your sense of tuning by ear is sharp, there are still times when you simply cannot afford yourself such freedom and need a tuner.

So, we’ll divide this into several categories and provide you the best tuner for multiple instruments.

Also, make sure to pack a proper set of strings to keep your six-string in tune at all time.

Top 5 Best Guitar Tuner

1. Boss TU80 – Best Electric Guitar Tuner

In the electric guitar department, we’ll single out the option that is incredibly affordable, versatile, and even packs a perfect practice metronome – the Boss TU 80.

It’s a chromatic tuner that can work both for electric guitars and electric basses, but also for acoustic instruments of all sorts as it comes with a microphone to detect the notes in unplugged mode.

This tuner is very affordable, very versatile, and enough precision to satisfy all of your needs.

Boss TU80

2. Korg PitchCrow-G – Best Acoustic Guitar Tuner

In the acoustic guitar department, we bring you one of the best clip-on tuners on the market – the Korg PitchCrow-G.

The reason why we single out this option is the fact that acoustic guitars often require onstage tuning right in the middle of the show, and carrying a clip-on model allows you to keep your six-string in proper shape at all times.

The tuner’s clip is quite adjustable and versatile, while the double ball-joint allows multi-angle positioning and therefore greater mobility for the display.

Additionally, and full-color display provides you with top-notch visibility even on dimly lit stages.

Korg PitchCrow-G

3. Cleartone Chromatic Tuner – Best Guitar Tuner App Android

We live in the age of apps, so it only makes sense that we bring you the best guitar tuner app on the market as well. And our choice is Cleartone chromatic tuner app.

Available both for Android and iOS, the app is universally hailed as the top product of its niche. It’s incredibly simple, yet highly versatile, and most importantly – it’s one of the most precise tuner apps on today’s market.

We’ll point out that Cleartone fetched very positive reviews from such prominent sources as Acoustic Guitar Magazine, Ezra Oklan, and more..

Cleartone Chromatic Tuner

The price is cheap, affordable, budget-friendly, far cheaper than a real tuner that’s for sure. One of the best guitar tuner apps, that’s for sure.

4. JamPlay – Best Online Tuner

If you’re looking for a great free guitar tuner, you should probably just hit the interwebs and see what’s in store.

Ear tuning plays you the tone you need and lets you do the rest, while the digital tuner requires a microphone to detect the tone and basically function as a regular chromatic tuner.

5. Korg GA-40 – Best Bass Guitar Tuner

In the bass department, we’ll single out another affordable chromatic tuner – Korg GA-40.

Cheap, sturdy, reliable, low-maintenance, simple, elegant, and capable of tuning four-, five- and six-string basses plus six- and seven-string electric guitars, this device has everything a musician needs in a super efficient package.

With an adjustable calibration range between 410 and 480 Hz, a reference tone function, a microphone for unplugged tuning, a speaker, a folding stand, auto power off function, a memory backup, and batteries, this item really has it all.

A Helpful Tip to Choosing a Guitar Tuner

Instead of a classic conclusion, we’ll share a helpful word of advice – the best guitar tuner is your ear.

Seriously! You need to train your ear and tune the guitar without the help of a tuner.

This greatly improves your sense of musicianship and helps you grow as a musician. So basically, treat your guitar tuner as a backup option.

Whenever you can, most commonly at your home, tune the guitar by ear, and then use the tuner to test your results. Also, the notion of tuners being crucial still stands.

During gigs, band practice, or just about in every other environment that doesn’t allow you to take your time and tune the guitar by ear, a tuner is a life saver. Get one today, and make sure it’s a good one.

For this very reason, there’s no actual need to spend a lot of money on expensive tuners. Sure, there’s a solid difference in precision between super cheap models and pricey ones, but there’s also the golden middle area of top-notch products that offer everything you need and even something extra on top.

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