Blueridge BR 40 Review – An Affordable Vintage Acoustic

If you want your first guitar stand-out, why not do so by reaching back into Americana and getting one from the early 1900’s … or at least one that looks like it is from that era.

Though you’ve probably never heard of them, there was a company back in the turn of the century called Blueridge Guitars. Though the brand-name is now owned by Saga Instruments and produced in Malaysia, Blueridge specializes in making reproductions of the once-famous instruments.

As a matter of fact, their products have been so good that they were recognized by Guitarist Magazine, Total Guitar and Music Maker for quality and affordability.

The Blueridge BR-40 Overview

The Blueridge BR-40 Contemporary Dreadnaught Guitar is a relatively inexpensive guitar that players have compared to guitars manufactured by some of the higher end brands such as Martin, Taylor, and Eastman. This guitar is part of their Contemporary series of guitars.

While Blueridge is best recognized and praised by folk and Bluegrass players, a Blueridge guitar can still make an excellent beginner guitar for you to learn how to play. If you’re looking for a unique acoustic guitar to purchase, then consider checking out this affordable beauty.

The Blueridge BR-40 is a beautiful sounding instrument that is affordable and solidly constructed. You could pay more for a higher-end instrument, but many players will find this guitar to be a perfect match for their guitar needs.

And the best part is that it can be yours. If you’re in the market for a new acoustic guitar, you can’t go wrong with the BR-40 from Blueridge Guitars.

Blueridge BR-40

Blueridge BR-40 Features

The BR-40 features an impressive sound that is comparable to other top-of-the-line acoustics as well as a solid construction. The tone is extremely well-balanced, and the low end won’t fade out like it usually does with most budget-priced guitars. You’ll really appreciate the depth and brightness of its sound.

To make an acoustic guitar that compares to other high-end brands, the wood that it is constructed from is vitally important, especially the guitar’s top surface.

The BR-40 has a solid Sitka spruce top with a pre-war forward-X bracing and mahogany sides and back. Sitka spruce is one of the lightest woods available but is strong and durable.

The fingerboard is East Indian rosewood with a low profile carved mahogany neck. The neck has an adjustable truss rod and a dovetail neck joint. The dreadnought design and natural high-gloss finish give the guitar a look similar to a Martin dreadnought as well as a competitive tone.

martin dreadnought

Blueridge BR-40 design

The Blueridge BR-40’s design and construction lend to it a balanced tone throughout its range. The action is nice and low which lends itself well to fingerstyle, chord strumming, or just about any other type of style you’re going to want to play. If you’re a singer-songwriter, then this will be a great acoustic for you.

Final Verdict

Whether you’ve been playing for years or you’re just starting out, the BR-40 will be a great addition to your guitar arsenal. For beginners, this guitar has the action and playability that make it ideal for learning how to play. For veteran players, this guitar has a tone that you won’t find in lower level guitars.

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