The Boss ME25 – The Best Multi-Effects Pedal Review

Whether you’re a pro or a new guitar player just starting out, you probably already know that having the right guitar pedals can do wonders for your sound.  But with the Boss ME25 multi-effects pedal, you’ll be able to change up your sound in just about any sort of way you want!

If you are one of those who have used Boss products, you will know the quality they bring to your musical collection. The Boss ME25 is no different and with an all-new operating system, the ME25 is now super easy to handle and control.

Three pedals plus the EXP pedal provide memory Up and Down and the three Solo knobs for real-time editing. You have a whole library of sounds at your fingertips with Crunch, Clean and Rhythm to choose from.


With each type of sound, you get ten variations with each effect group. Preamp, modulation, Reverb, Delay, Pedal FX, and so many more effects to choose from, it is a simple matter of selecting the right tone for yourself.

The super user-friendly interface is a breeze to work out, so you will have no problem in learning to work the multi-effects pedal. Yes, you don’t have to be a rocket scientist to work out how the pedal works. You will have it up and running within a few minutes, at most. The redesigned OS was made for the purpose of making it easy for everyone to use and operate the Boss ME25.

The Boss ME25 is not only affordable but also comes with a range of features that make Boss one of the leaders in multi-effects pedals. The ME25 will make you sound like a pro with all the effects you would be able to incorporate in your music. It’s not only that because using it is fun and easy.

Boss ME25

The Phrase Loop:

The Boss multi-effects pedal allows you to use the Phrase loop function that gives you 38 seconds of recording time, and it can also function as a USB audio interface. Connecting the Boss ME25 to your PC or laptop using the USB audio interface will give you your own personal recording studio at your fingertips. The hardware has a built-in auxiliary input to connect external device like speakers or your CD players. So you are getting far more than you require or wanted when you go for the Boss multi-effects pedal.

Compact Design:

The design of the product makes it easy to use the buttons and knobs on the pedal. Even if you are in a dark room or stage, using the footswitch or the four knobs is not a difficult task given the large LED panel.

Weighing in at only 1.9 pounds, carrying the Boss ME25 should not be a problem for the musicians on the go. It runs on 6 AA batteries or you can supply power to the ME25 using the AC adaptor which comes in the box. The batteries can give your pedal 9 hours of life in one go if you opt for the Alkaline batteries. However, the longevity can depend a lot on how you use the product.

Alkaline batteries

You can also download the cakewalk Sonar LE software for free to enhance you music further. As such, you can also download dozens of audio rhythms and loops for practice or jamming with your friends. With so many customization options, the Boss ME25 is one of the best options you have available on the market. At such an affordable price, this multi-effects pedal will provide you far more value than you pay for.

Final Notes

The Boss ME25 multi-effects pedal is a highly recommended product.  At this price, you may never need another guitar pedal again! So, give it a try and you will definitely not be disappointed with the user interface and the wide variety of options you can choose for your music and take it to a different level!

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