Casio AP420 Celviano Digital Piano Review

Casio AP420 Celviano Digital Piano is a part of the successful Celviano series that is designed to duplicate the exact piano, however with a modified and more advanced electronic use that allows for easier use. Impressively it has a memory slot which a real piano does not.


It has elements that the real piano does. Everything is the same between the two, however good the sound may be from the real piano, the electronic version, has all of the benefits without the issues of needing to be fixed, therefore you can be sure of getting an item than can duplicate the real thing.  Its impressive interface allows for neat reproduction of notes with first-rate quality. The rendition of the piano is clear and crisp as though the output is of a real piano.

One of its main features is its matte Ivory Touch keys that express your notes clearly. The piano has great elements that can be duplicated by no real instrument. You can put memory devices into the device in that you can load your end product, meaning you can also travel with your product and gather thoughts and create your own feedback.

With a set up that allows many components to work together, any user can try his best to make sure that the sounds can be worked on at the same time. Put simply, you can produce musical notes containing different elements, achieving a subtle difference between each.

The legs of the Casio AP420 copy the old fashioned instruments style, meaning it will suit your household items, as a real piano would. This gives you a reliable and futuristic device that can be proudly shown of in the comfort of your home and an instrument that gives the classy old fashioned appearance.

The Benefits

When buying Casio AP420 Celviano you will receive a quality seat for all piano fans to use for comfort while creating their very own masterpiece, this seat is one for all, regardless of who.

One key element of this piano is the chance to separate sounds so that you can add different dimensions to your music. When doing this you can also use a double element, meaning that two different sound ranges can come from one device, which sometimes requires two instruments to work.

When getting this piano you are getting an instrument that requires no work or regular fixing to be completed, as the tuning is electronic, it does not need the fixing like the old fashioned devices.

The Downfalls

When working on this device you will soon realize no negative attributes come with this device. One possible downfall is the near one thousand dollar fee, however, this is actually very little for everything you get. For example, you get a tool that will compliment your household. One key reason for this being a downfall free purchase is its ability to offer a realistic experience, but with a much cheaper price.

When reading product reviews it’s suggested the sounds are not always the clearest, however, this is unproven and not a massive issue. When looking at this digital mode in comparison to the Yamaha Digital Piano, you can see little difference. Both items have positive and negative areas, however, when it comes to the sound aspects, they both prove reliable.

Casio AP420 Celviano


Casio AP420 Celviano Digital Piano will impact your experience, whether you’re learning or experience. This instrument is so enjoyable that it should be yours at any cost.

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