Cheap Guitars for Sale? Time to Stock Up!

Don’t fall into this trap of believing that you have to always have the biggest and most expensive guitars you can find. 

Often times when a retailer throws cheap guitars for sale, that should be your queue to stock up and get some really good bargains!

cheap guitars

Does that seem counter-intuitive?  I thought so.  But here me out.  Here’s the logic:

How Cheap Guitars Can Be Really Useful:

Imagine you own a guitar that costs over $1,000.  That guitar is probably going to sound really great, right?

But consider the following:

  • How often are you going to want other people to play it?  What if they ding it up and chip the paint?  What if they drop it?
  • What happens when you go somewhere with it?  Are you going to be worried to death that someone might steal it?
  • What if you want more than one sound?  Suppose you’re playing one kind of song that has more of a “Fender” guitar sound and another that has more of a “Gibson” guitar type sound.  Sure would be great to have more than one, wouldn’t it?
  • What if you play guitar using alternate tuning’s?  Are you going to have time to tune your guitar in-between songs?
  • Ever tried to record a song using an expensive guitar?  After all the studio tricks and effects you can pour on, the cheap guitars are going to sound just as good as the ultra expensive one.
  • What if you want both an acoustic and electric?  What about a bass and guitar?  Steel string acoustic and nylon string classical?

I think you get the drift!  As you can see there’s a lot of places where having several guitars (between $200 and $500 each) might be a better setup than having one +$1,000 guitar.

How to Find Cheap Guitars for Sale:

No matter what you do (or how expensive the guitar is), the goal is always the same: Buy quality!

It doesn’t do anyone any good to buy a guitar that sounds terrible.  That’s where you have to be a little savvy about how you go about finding value guitars for sale.

Ebay is by far my favorite place to find the largest selection of quality but inexpensive guitars for sale.

They are the top seller for just about everything under the sun because they make it so darn easy to find what you want, see the reviews, and order it.

Amazon has also got some of the best and most detailed product descriptions available.  And on top of that they get great reviews from people who have bought the products previously to let you know if you’re going to buy an instrument with a tone that is weak, intonation that is poor, and a construction from remarkably inferior materials.

When you’re shopping for relatively cheap guitars, you’ll want to check all of the things that you would if you were buying a more expensive guitar.  For one thing: A reputable name always helps.  Lots of major manfactuers have introductory models of their most famous brands.  Fender has the Squier line and Gibson has the Epiphone line.

Make sure the guitar description talks about a quality construction.  If need be, visit the manufacturers website to investigate the product further.  Online testimonials on YouTube are also pretty useful so that you can hear first hand from the people who have actually tried them.

Suggested Inexpensive Guitars:

Even though this whole website is all about your options for great beginner guitars and we have lots of product reviews, here’s a few ultra inexpensive guitars (most under $200) that have received great reviews on Amazon and are considered top sellers.

Suggested Inexpensive Guitars

Based on the legendary Les Paul!  A wonderfully popular electric guitar featuring a basswood body, 700T Humbucker pickups, rosewood fretboard, and a 24.75 Scale.

Squier by Fender “Stop Dreaming, Start Playing”

What’s not to love here?  This package has an Affinity Series Strat electric guitar (with vintage Brown Sunburst), Fender Frontman 10G Amp, Tuner, Instructional DVD, Gig Bag, Cable, Strap, and Picks.

Jasmine S35 Acoustic Guitar

This is a beautiful acoustic guitar featuring a spruce top, laminated nato back & sides, satin finish on the wood, and rosewood freboard.

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