The Cigano GJ-10 Review – A Gypsy Guitar Like None Other

If you’ve ever seen or heard the exotic sound of a gypsy guitar before, then you’d surely remember.

I can still remember the first time I heard this instrument in a recording on an obscure radio station. It’s certainly a musical style you won’t easily forget.

Gypsy style guitars are most commonly associated with a style of swing music known as – you guessed it – gypsy jazz.

Gypsy jazz was a very popular form of music back in the 1930’s that still has a cult following today. It generally consists of 3 or more musicians playing swing style arrangements – usually a bass, rhythm guitarist and a lead guitarist.

The most famously recognized gypsy jazz musician was a man named Django Reinhardt. He was the lead guitar player for a group called the Quintette du Hot Club de France. What’s even more impressive: Due to a freak accident Django only used three fingers to play the guitar.

Even with this handicap, watch this classic footage of just how incredibly he could play!

Own Your Own Gypsy Guitar – The Cigano GJ-10

If you like that style of music and are entranced by that sound, then you’re in luck. You can still buy a Selmer style acoustic guitar just like Django himself used to play.

Cigano is one of the most popular manufacturers to still sell gypsy guitars, and at prices, a beginner can afford.

Gypsy Guitar

Cigano GJ-10The Cigano GJ-10 Student Jazz Guitar is designed for the guitarist who wants to learn to play gypsy jazz and play it well. Although it’s called a student guitar, this guitar is of exceptionally high quality.

Upon initial inspection, you’ll notice a clear difference in the look of this guitar when compared to other acoustic guitars. This guitar has a wider body toward the bottom, giving it the bass response needed to play the rhythmic parts in gypsy jazz.

However, the rhythm section is primarily dominated by the D-hole gypsy jazz guitar. The O-hole guitar has the honor of being the lead guitar. The smaller shaped oval hole helps to accentuate the sustain of the solo licks.

Another thing that helps shape this guitar’s unique tone is the woods it was constructed with. The top is made of solid Sitka spruce and the back and sides are made from Asian rosewood. Not only do these choice woods help to create its one-of-a-kind sound, but it also adds to the overall beauty of the instrument.

Here are a Few Other Characteristics:

guitar’s unique tone
  • Cutaway design to reach the full range of frets
  • Bone Nut
  • Traditional brass trapeze-style tailpiece
  • Gold-plated 14:1 ratio tuners.
  • Ebony mustache bridge with movable center

Final Verdict

Although the Cigano GJ-10 was clearly designed for gypsy guitarists, you’ll quickly discover that it serves as an excellent acoustic guitar in its own right. You’re not limited to just one style of music.

This guitar sounds incredible for classical style arrangements, finger-picking, strumming, and other virtuoso style pieces.

Remember – if you want to have a guitar that people will remember and a sound that will be hard to get out of their head, then you should really check out the Cigano GJ10 gypsy guitar.

You’ll be getting a high quality instrument that sounds just as great as it looks. Pick up this guitar once and play your favorite song on it. You’ll find it hard to play anything else afterward.

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