Cigano GJ-5 Review – A Gypsy Jazz Guitar with Style

Every guitar player has their own favorite style of music they enjoy playing. Even though an important aspect of developing your own technique is to perform what you love, you should also experiment with other styles and even other instruments that you might not normally practice.

If you’ve never tried playing your favorite acoustic song on a gypsy jazz guitar, then you don’t know what you’re missing. Though gypsy guitars are mostly popular with … well gypsy jazz music, I think you’ll be amazed by what a unique tone the guitar will bring to your whole sound.

Overview Cigano GJ-5 Guitar

Gypsy jazz can be a lot of fun for guitar players because it’s a style of music with a lot of improvisation and expression.

Gypsy jazz is traditionally attributed to a famous European guitarist from the 1930s by the name of Django Reinhardt. It’s characterized by a swing-style rhythm where one guitar keeps the beat while the other plays the melody and lead work.

The rhythm technique guitarists use in this style of music is called “la pompe”. The way the guitarist plays it creates a solid percussive beat that drives the music rather than traditional means like drums.

Chords are played using a “chug-chug” style of strumming that involves of lot of coloring and muting of strings.

cigano gj-5If you think you’d like to brave this style of playing, then the Cigano GJ-5 Dhole gypsy jazz guitar is something you’ll want to try. Modeled after the Selmer guitars from the 1930’s, this is a guitar so exotic it will be impossible for others not to remember you or its tone.

rhythm technique guitarists

The first thing you’ll notice about the GJ-5 is its unique looking sound hole. Rather than a traditional large circular hole, it has a large upside D-side shape. Combined with its large body shape, this unique design is what gave rhythm guitarists that large “boom” sound they needed to be heard over large crowds without the use of pickups or microphones.

Key Features of Cigano GJ-5

Though it’s advertised as a student guitar, the Cigano is nothing short of quality. It’s key features are:

  • Spruce top with Asian rosewood back and sides
  • Black ABS body binding
  • Sapele wood for the neck and East Indian rosewood fingerboard
  • Compensated rosewood mustache bridge with movable center
  • Traditional brass tailpiece with ABS inserts to accommodate both ball-end and loop-end string styles
  • Gold-plated, accurate 14:1 ratio tuners with pearloid buttons

The first time you strum the guitar you’ll also notice that it has a distinctly unique, sharp sound. That’s because the strings are silver-plated copper which have a subtle bell style tone as you play it.

Cigano GJ-5


Though the guitar is designed for rhythm playing, many lead guitarists and virtuosos alike find this instrument to be well suited for lead guitar as well.  The cutaway design gives the guitar plenty of access to the higher frets for endless possibilities.

Why Try the Cigano GJ-5 Acoustic Guitar?

I can guarantee that whether you play gypsy jazz or any other type of acoustic guitar, no one will forget you with a guitar like this.

It’s truly a fun guitar and very affordable. If you decide to give the Cigano a try, you might want to check out some of the music of Django Reinhardt and many of the other gypsy jazz guitarists of today.  Who knows – you might be inspired to give this unique and challenging form of music a try for yourself!

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