Capture that Classic Rock Sound with the Epiphone eB3 Bass

If you are looking to buy a sweet sounding bass that looks just as good as it plays, then check-out the affordable Epiphone eB3 bass.

Its story goes back to the 1960s when the Kalamazoo factory, which was home to the world-renowned Gibson guitars, was also home to Epiphone music instruments. The factory decided to discontinue producing the Les Paul guitars (in favor of a move to Tennessee) and moved to the SG versions.

The EB-3 is not just another recent addition to the latest line-up of electric bass guitars.  It has a history that is just as long and rich as many of the other famous guitars you’ve come to know and respect.

The move to a new design influenced the factory’s bass designs and the SG took over as the new boss in the bass category.  It managed to impress the players with its beautiful design.  With renowned players like Bill Wyman from the Rolling Stones and Jack Bruce from Cream playing on the SG basses, the SG quickly made it into the rock history.  Epiphone has since progressed immensely and EB3 is a recreation of the vintage bass guitar with all its decent features but without the vintage price tag or the problems that came with the original.

The Epiphone eB3 is a classic SG style bass with the same mahogany body and neck. You would be hard pressed to find a vintage guitar made in modern times with the same feel and tone of the early days of its popularity, but with the Epiphone eB3, you won’t have to look anywhere else. With the same Slim Taper “D” neck profile, you will find yourself going back to the 60s and creating the music the legends did with the same bass.

Epiphone eB3


The Epiphone EB-3 is perhaps one of the best electric bass guitars you can find in the market at this price range which gives you a vintage old-fashioned feel you covet and at the same time brings out the best tone possible.

Even the paint job is commendable on this vintage beauty compared to other bass guitars that command a far higher price tag for brilliant artwork.

The chrome hardware is shiny and feels far superior to the price tag, which is also why so many bass players love this classic Epiphone eB3 bass guitar.


While there is so much to like about this instrument, many people have complained about the E string and how it sounds muffled and flat at times. If you are a perfectionist who doesn’t like to fret (no pun intended) about the tiny things in your bass, you may want to keep this point in mind.

While it may not be as much a problem as it may seem, the top of the bass is rather heavy for continuous use and may become problematic for smaller-sized players. However this issue can easily be resolved with the use of a comfortable guitar strap.


The Epiphone EB3 can provide you a wide range of tones and you can adjust the settings to your liking and play the tone you feel comfortable with.

One thing you’ll really appreciate is that it hasn’t left the classic-rock tone back in the 60’s (think of great bands like Cream). This bass comes with the same famous Sidewinder humbucker pickup (sometimes referred to as a “mudbucker pickup” for its sound) in the neck position and the famous mini-humbucker complimenting the light mahogany body.


Most Epiphone models use nickel hardware. The EB-3 bass is no different.

It sports a fully adjustable bridge, frequency response control with full size 500K O-potentiometers, and full function volume. The classic premium style machine heads just add to the beauty of its amazing hardware.

Our Verdict

The Epiphone EB-3 is a pretty incredible bass guitar that will give you the best bang for your buck. It comes with a limited lifetime warranty and 24/7 customer service throughout the year should you face any problems. With so many people bringing out the best of themselves with this bass, it is highly recommended for you whether you are just practicing your skills or eager to play your heart out at your next gig.

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