The Fender FA 100 – A Fine Choice for Beginner Players

What we have here is a trusty Fender, a brand that found its way into the very fabric of guitar music of the 20th and 21st century, a company that has maintained its reputation of a quality guitar manufacturer for nearly seven decades now.

To focus on the specific model, the FA100 offers a great sound, solid build quality at a very budget-friendly price and is perfect for beginner players. Here are just a few of its features!

A Perfect Match for a Beginner Player

Fender most definitely had beginner players in mind when crafting this guitar, as every component of the FA 100 is user-friendly and suitable for new players.  Two components stand out in this aspect – the strings and the neck.

The guitar comes with a set of nylon strings, which are much easier to play and put far less strain on the player’s finger than steel strings. Although they offer less strength and power, they will not hurt any young Padawan’s fingertips, allowing smoother learning with less frustration.

The neck is made from laminated aga this and features a rosewood fingerboard with 20 frets. It is fairly thin and allows the player to get a solid grip on the chords, a feature appreciated by musicians of every skill level, but especially beginners.

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Additionally, beginners will greatly appreciate the fact that the guitar is good at maintaining its tuning. It is crucial for newbies to learn to differentiate properly tuned instruments, and a guitar that frequently goes out of tune will severely slow down the process.

Warm Sound to Match the Warm Looks

What the majority of musicians care about the most when inspecting an instrument is the quality of sound. Fender have quite a reputation to maintain, so even when they are crafting a budget-friendly guitar, they make sure that it fits the standards and quality expectations behind the globally-renowned name.

This guitar offers a warm, bright sound with punchy middle tones and a fairly well-rounded low end. It is suitable both for finger-style players and musicians wielding a pick.

Additionally, the sonic output is fairly versatile and able to cover a vast array of genres, including country, blues, rock and jazz.

As noted, the guitar originally comes with nylon strings for easier use, but once your technique has advanced, we wholeheartedly recommend switching to steel strings to deliver some extra punch.

But let’s be honest here – as much as many players want quality sound, they want killer looks, and that’s perfectly normal. Everyone wants to look good with a six-string, and with several different color patterns, the Fender FA 100 has you covered whether you’re into the Johnny Cash’s Man in Black vibe or the good ole country natural feel. Specifically, Fender offers the following four finishes:

  • Black
  • Natural
  • Natural Satin
  • Sunburst

Solid Construction at a Very Affordable Price

This Dreadnought Fender ax consists of a laminated spruce top with laminated aga this back and sides. The construction is quite solid and capable of taking a decent punch caused by transport and frequent use.

And this is where we might want to bring up the price tag, as this thing is a bonafide bargain! When all is taken into consideration, this is a fine instrument, yet the price tag basically couldn’t be any lower, ranking the FA 100 among the most affordable acoustic guitars on the market.

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Accessories Included:

Sweetening the deal even further, the mix also includes a padded gig bag to keep the six-string safe during transport.

Fender FA 100 Pros and Cons

To round up our thoughts on this instrument, we’ll give you a brief rundown of pros and cons.

On the pros side, this is a very affordable guitar well-suited for beginner’s hands and offering a warm sound. It has a sturdy construction and classic looks, and you could easily call as it’s easy to play and gives the new players all the sound they need without making a major dent in the financial department.


What we do have here is possibly item you might end up cherishing as the tool that kicked off your stellar musical journey. Veteran musicians tend to have many six-strings, but it’s that precious first cheap guitar that they treasure the most, and this Fender beauty deserves all the love in this world.

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