Fender Modern Player Jaguar Bass Review

There’s nothing better than when you’re shopping for that first bass guitar and you find one that carries a great, reputable name.

That’s exactly what I love about the Fender Modern Player Jaguar bass.  Even though it gets promoted as a beginner bass guitar, it actually competes on so many higher levels.  Lots of musicians who have been playing Fender style basses hail it as one of the better bass guitars around.

It’s arguably one of the nicest basses you’re ever going to find with the Fender brand name on it that sells in the $400 price range.

Here’s a few things I liked about playing the Modern Player Jaguar:

Why Choose the Fender Modern Player Jaguar Bass?


First of all – this model of bass is a hybrid of the best of both worlds. It has a Precision Bass middle pickup and Jazz Bass bridge pickup. Imagine that – two of Fender’s most famous sounds blended together in one instrument.

You’ll be impressed with the Fender Jaguar’s low-end growl while maintaining a smooth upper-end crisp tone. Plus the sustain sounds excellent.

Jazz Bass bridge pickup

Construction and Body:

Even though they make this bass guitar in China, it is completely up to Fender’s quality standards for assembly.  The construction features three Jazz Bass control knobs (middle volume, bridge volume, master tone), a vintage-style four-saddle bridge with brass saddles, open-gear tuners and nickel/chrome hardware.

What really gives this Fender bass some class is that classic Jaguar body shape.  It’s something that has been characteristic of most Jaguar-line guitars for years.  Even though it might be a little different for a bass, it will be a hard thing for people to forget once they see you out there on stage with such a distinct looking bass.

The body is made of Koto wood. For a bass you’ll also be surprised at how light-weight the body is. It’s not nearly as heavy as some of the older style Fender basses that you’ll probably be used to.

older style Fender basses

Neck and Playability:

The lacquer, C-shaped maple neck makes it very easy to fly up and down the Jaguar’s 20 jumbo frets.  No burrs or sharp edges to be found.

The maple fretboard looks just as great as it sounds.  The setup is nearly perfect and action can be adjusted so low with the hardware provided that you won’t even hardly feel like you’re using any effort at all to press down on the strings.

Final Thoughts

Even though a lot of people would consider the Fender Modern Player a beginner bass, it could easily serve as your primary instrument.

You could go to a guitar store a dozen times trying to find something nicer.  But I think you’ll find that not a single one within this price range compares to the sound of the Fender Modern Player Jaguar bass guitar.

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