Expand your Low Range with the Fender Squier 5 String Jazz Bass Guitar

If you’re a bass player that is really looking to add a little something special to the way you play, then you may want to consider a guitar that will add greatly increase your lows and range of playing.  And the Fender Affinity Squier 5-String Bass is just the right instrument at just the right price to help!

Lots of bands you listen to have probably recorded songs you love using a 5-string bass without you even realizing it. 

The extra string can give you a super low B-note that is perfect for everything from hard rock to funk and jazz.  People who are already accustomed to playing a 4-string bass will find the transition entertaining and engaging.

Unfortunately, the majority of 5-string bass guitars require shelling out a large amount of money, which in the past made them less desirable than a regular 4-string bass. 

If you’ve had this problem, then chances are you haven’t stumbled across the Squier Affinity 5-string Jazz bass. If this bass guitar had a tagline, it’d be, ‘affordability meets quality’ because it would be hard for you to find a bass of the same ilk in a similar price bracket.

Why Pick A Fender Squier 5-String Bass?

If you have ever had the pleasure of playing the world famous Fender Jazz bass, then the Squier Affinity 5-string will be a tad bit familiar to you because it is an economical rendition of the incredible Fender bass.

With the same look and feel of the world renowned bass guitar, the Squier comes at an amazingly lower price to fulfill the needs of beginners as well as seasoned professionals for practicing their skills on a 5-string bass.

Weighing in at 14 pounds, the Squier 5-string bass sports a sunburst color which the pictures on the internet don’t do any justice. You have to actually hold the guitar in your hand to admire the true beauty of the 5-string bass from Squier.

Fender Squier 5-String Bass

The build is brilliant as well, considering the price of the guitar, and you get a rather lavish feeling once you start playing the instrument. Even though Squiers are usually considered cheaper versions of the more prestigious bass guitars, the sound produced by this Fender Affinity is amazingly superb.

With a solid Alder Body Electric Bass and Maple’s neck, it gives the player a nice feel to the guitar. The Fingerwood is made of Rosewood with 20 frets of medium jumbo size, as you would find on most bass guitars.

The Squier 5 has chrome hardware and 2 single-coil Jazz Bass V pickups. And 2-volume and a tone control give you enough governance over your bass’s tone and music to play however you want to!

Of course, if you are a seasoned professional, this instrument may not satisfy your full sound requirements because it is on the introductory price range for basses.

But that does not in any way mean the Squier Affinity Jazz bass isn’t worthy of the price tag it carries. It might be great for keeping around at home for practice.  It could also be good for jam sessions when you don’t want to lug around your more expensive bass guitar outside.

Even those musicians accustomed to playing a 4-string bass guitar can get their hands dirty with this beauty of an instrument. As a matter of fact, many 4-string players have highly recommended the Squier 5-string bass to get started and continue to play their favorite tunes on the same bass.

Final Verdict

So, if you would not like to break your bank and yet want a high-quality 5-string bass, don’t bother looking elsewhere. With great feel and even better tone, you won’t be finding anything to complain about from this guitar. And with the sunburst color of the hardware standing out, it is sure to please the eye of anyone who watches you play your heart out!

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