Fender T-Bucket 300CE Cutaway Acoustic – Electric Guitar Review

If you want to learn how to play the acoustic guitar, you may be surprised by how much the guitar you choose to learn on matters. You don’t really need an expensive one. But you also don’t want a low-quality acoustic that is just going to hinder your ability to progress quickly and proficiently.

You’re going to want an instrument where you won’t have to fight the strings for tone or deal with unwanted fret buzz. Set yourself up for success!

Even though you could get a good guitar from an introductory brand like Yamaha, for just a few dollars more you could upgrade to an even better acoustic from a brand name you can trust.

When it comes to finding the best beginner acoustic guitar for the right price, Fender is one of those big names that should give you lots of confidence.

They’ve been a trusted brand by musicians for decades. Many beginning guitar players turn to Fender for their first instrument, second, and sometimes even their most expensive or main one.

If you’d like to start off on the right foot, then let’s check out one of Fender’s best acoustic guitar models made especially for beginners.

Fender T-Bucket 300CE Cutaway Features

Fender manufactures many models of both acoustic and electric guitars in a variety of price ranges. But one of their beginning acoustic guitar players in terms of quality and affordability is the Fender T-Bucket 300CE Cutaway Acoustic-Electric Guitar.

This guitar looks great and, more importantly, plays great. If you want to be a performing guitar player for live audiences, getting a guitar with onboard electronics will give you a level of control over your live sound, as well as projection control, that a straight acoustic won’t have.

Fender T-Bucket 300CE

The Fender T-Bucket 300CE features some of the best onboard electronics around for the money from another trusted manufacturer, Fishman. The guitar features the Fishman Isys III System with a built-in chromatic tuner and an active onboard Pre-Amp. The Isys III features controls for volume, bass, mid, and treble.

Though the guitar sounds great through a PA system, you can still play the guitar unplugged, and it still sounds great.

Solid Construction and Design

The Fender T-Bucket 300CE’s rich warm sound is the result of its construction and design. It has laminated mahogany backs and sides with a laminated flame maple top. The guitar also features scalloped bracing and a solid rosewood fretboard.

The single cutaway design gives you access to the higher frets on the fretboard, giving you more sonic possibilities and range up and down the fretboard.

beginner acoustics

Most guitar players who pick up this Fender acoustic find it to be comfortable to play, especially in the neck area, where there is often a complaint on other beginner acoustics of too much thickness.

In fact, the neck could be compared to the feel of an electric guitar. As with any guitar, you may want to have the guitar’s action adjusted to the level you want.

Impressive Looking

Not only is the T-Bucket 300CE one of the best beginner acoustics because it sounds good, but also because it looks impressive as well. The 3-Color Sunburst design creates a warm look to match its warm tone.

The 3-Color Sunburst is great, but the guitar also comes in several other colors. You have the choice to pick the one that fits your style the best:

rod artist Vince Ray
  • Amber
  • Cherry Burst
  • Green
  • Honey Burst
  • Spalted Maple
  • Transparent Black
  • Transparent Blue
  • Burnt Orange

The rosewood fretboard adds a nice touch, as well as the rosewood bridge with a compensated saddle. The tuners are chrome die-cast. One of the most impressive cosmetic features on this guitar is the F” Inlay designed by hot rod artist Vince Ray.

Final Verdict

There is a lot of cool beginner with the Fender T-Bucket acoustic, you’re getting a great beginner guitar from a trusted guitar name. It has a great sound, nice string action, and a gorgeous appearance.

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