Train Your Fingers to Perfection Using These Awesome Guitar Exercises

Have you ever shaken hands with someone who plays the guitar?  Did you happen to notice the strength of their grip?

That’s not a coincidence.  A really good guitarist trains just the same as any other professional; with the major exception that all the movement and technique happens to be in their hands and fingers.

If you’re serious about mastering your craft, there are lots of guitar exercises you can be doing to guarantee the maximum amount of dexterity and accuracy.

Here are a few of them you can try:

Loosen Up Your Fingers:

This movement will seem ridiculous at first, but I think you’ll be surprised at how much control you’ll eventually have over your fingers if you warm up with this move.

  1. Start off with your fingers extended and palms against one another.
  2. Curl both pointer fingers down (right in front of left) and then raise them back up to full extension.  Do it again but reverse the position of them (left in front of right).
  3. Repeat step 2 again for your pointer fingers (right in front of left and then left in front of right).
  4. Repeat again for your ring fingers.
  5. Repeat again for your little fingers.  This one will be the hardest!

Start this process off slow so that you focus on and develop your accuracy.  As you get more confidence and can accurately perform this guitar exercise, increase your speed.  Make it a game for yourself to see how quickly you can do it!

Loosen Up Your Fingers

Fire Off Chords on Command:

If you know a few chords already, this can be a terrific guitar exercise for you to try out.

Hold your instrument in your hands and work your way forward and backwards through the entire melodic scale of chords:

C – D – E – F – G – A – B – C

If this is too easy for you, then try the exercise using the major scale:

C – Dm – Em – F – G – Am – B7 – C

You can also try other variations of this technique using other scales or more difficult chord formations (such as challenging jazz chords).  It may also help to play the chords of easy songs you really enjoy.

Fire Off Chords

Arpeggios – The Ultimate in Guitar Exercises:

I saved this one for last because it is going to be the most complicated.  Arpeggios are a variation of guitar scales where you only play certain notes of the scale in a melodic formation.

Why practice this exercise at all?  Because Arpeggios are the basis of most guitar solos.  The most skilled lead guitarists know how to use arpeggios to blend together all the tone changes of a song into a single flowing melody.   Do it right and it will sound really cool!

So before you do all that, you’ll need to exercise your hands each day to build up the control and finger muscle memory required to know your way around the fretboard.  Here is the Am pentatonic scale for you try.  This is a great one to know because it will work for songs in Am blues or C Major.

The other great thing about using a technique like this one is that it will also help you develop your picking hand technique.  You can learn how to use a pick to quickly pluck single notes by alternating back and forth very rapidly.  Or you can use your fingers (without a pick) and pluck your way through each of the notes while alternating fingers.


If you’re hungry for more, there are plenty of other guitar lessons and learning tools available on great sites like Fachords.  Click on the link to visit their site and check it out for yourself.

Practice, Practice, Practice:

No matter which of these guitar exercises you decide to try, the key to doing them well is to practice each and every day.  Thankfully it doesn’t have to be hours upon hours of practice.  It can just be as little as 10 to 15 minutes per day.  But like any sport or exercise, you can’t take a week off and expect to still be as good.  It takes discipline and commitment to make sure that you work at it little by little each day until sometime later you’re a true master of the fretboard!

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