How to Find Beginner Electric Guitar

You’re into music that rocks. You’re ready to play loud. You’ve made up your mind that you’re going to play the electric guitar.

But walk into any guitar store or local pawn shop to try to pick out your first electric guitar and be prepared to be overwhelmed!

All the sudden questions like “how do it sound?”, “is the neck straight?”, “where was it made?” will all start to fly around and make the situation very complex? How in the world are you supposed to start to pick that first electric guitar?

Fortunately, this isn’t going to be forever. You’re not marrying your guitar.  You’re just trying to find a good one to get your musical career going.

But at the same time, there are a few things you can do to help yourself choose the beginner electric guitar. Here are a few of my tips to help you find that great first axe of your dreams:

Finding the Best Beginner Electric Guitar:

1. What Kind of Music are you Into?

Before any guitarist can decide what type of beginner guitar to purchase, the first thing they need to ask themselves is what kind of music do I want to play?

There is a very big misconception that all music played on the electric guitar sounds the same. Thrashing metal right?

Well, you’d be wrong. Think about jazz, blues, country, pop, indie, alternative, classic rock, heavy metal, surf rock, and even hip hop.  All of them have very distinct playing styles but use very particular types of electric guitars.

types of electric guitars

It really helps to think about the musicians you respect the most and see what kind of guitars they play. If nothing else you can help yourself to capture the essence and persona of that artist without actually being as good at them on playing guitar (yet!)

2. What Kind of Budget are you Working with?

Aside from knowing what kind of music you’re going to play, the other big question is “how much money am I going to spend?”

Unless you’re made of money, you’re usually on a pretty tight budget when you’re just starting out. And because of that, you probably don’t need that +$1,000 Fender Stratocaster. What if you don’t stick with playing the guitar or find out you like a different style of music altogether?

This is why it’s important to set a budget and then not exceed it.

Fortunately, no matter what kind of guitar your favorite artist plays, someone always makes an inexpensive beginner version of it.  And that’s where you’re going to want to look to find the great beginner electric guitar you can afford.

great beginner electric guitar

3. What is the Quality of the Guitars you’re Looking at?

So you know you like Fender-style guitars. So you know you don’t want to spend anymore than $400. Does that mean that all guitars that look like a Fender and cost less than $400 should be a consideration?

Absolutely not!

There are a lot of imitations – and not all of them are good. In fact, some of them are downright terrible.

This is where playing a lot of guitars can be useful. See which one feels the most comfortable or puts out a sound you like to hear.

Another thing you can do for yourself is to pick an electric guitar that you can recognize. For example – Squier guitars by Fender.  You know that this is a beginner’s model line of instruments offered by Fender, and they won’t want to put out crap guitars to risk their reputation.

Squier guitars by Fender

Amazon can be especially helpful for getting familiar with what kinds of guitar offerings there are. Spend a few minutes browsing their “most popular” page and taking notice of the reviews left behind by their customers.

4. What kind of extras will you receive?

Electric guitars are great. But by themselves, they sure don’t do much. Even after you buy one, you still need:

  • An amp
  • A cord
  • A strap
  • A tuner
  • A case
  • Picks
  • Etc

Because retailers are conscious of this, a lot of Amazon’s beginner guitar bundle packages already come with a lot of these items.  How cool is that?  You pay one price and get everything all at once – and shipped right to your door for free!  That is far more convenient then trying to piece together everything on your own (and spending an arm and a leg to do so!)

5. Remember there is Always Room to Grow:

Don’t get too caught up with trying to find the one and only perfect guitar.  There isn’t one.

perfect guitar

The truth is that at this stage, the guitar you pick doesn’t have to be perfect. It just have to be comfortable enough for you to play for the next 2-3 years until you decide to mature to a more expensive model.

So relax!  Have fun trying out a bunch of different models. And remember to use Amazon to help yourself pick out the best beginner electric guitar that you can find!

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