The LX1 Little Martin Review – A Great Compact Martin Guitar

CF Martin & Company is one of the oldest and most trusted U.S. manufacturers of acoustic guitars in the world. They first started all the way back in 1833.

Their guitars are known for their exceptional tone and playability. Quite simply they are one of the best and most prestigious brands of guitars you can purchase.

Many great guitar players throughout history have trusted Martin guitars for their unique tone, Eric Clapton probably being the most famous example.

Walk into any top guitar store, and chances are you’ll find at least one or probably more Martin guitars for sale. You’ll also find that they are probably one of the highest quality products offered as well.

What To Do With Your Guitar When Traveling

If you’re serious about playing guitar, you probably play every day, and if you’re going on a trip, your guitar is probably the first thing you pack because you can’t imagine not being able to play.

Guitars are big, and they’re not easy to transport. Electric guitars tend to be a little easier for travel, but that’s only if you leave the amp behind. Acoustic guitars are where the real difficulty lies.

How are you going to pack your huge guitar in the trunk of your car for your next family vacation without taking up all the storage room needed by everybody else that is going on the trip with you?

What if you’re traveling by airplane? There’s only so much luggage you can bring before having to pay an unreasonable amount of additional fees. You don’t want to leave your guitar at home, right?

There’s certain to be a lot of downtime’s, and what will you do with that time if you don’t have your guitar with you? Probably imagining what it would be like if your guitar was with you.

traveling guitarist

Fortunately for the traveling guitarist, there are many great compact acoustic guitar that is ideal for travel. Smaller in size, these guitars give you the ability to travel easily and continue to play anytime you want.

Considering all the options that are available, it’s important to remember that Martin has been one of the most trusted guitar manufacturers for over a hundred years.  Plus they’ve got a guitar available at a very affordable price.

Overview of the Martin LX1 Little Martin

Martin has several compact guitars that are perfect for the traveling guitarist, but one of the best and most compact Martin guitars for sale is the Martin LX1 Little Martin.

The LX1 works are great as both a travel guitar and a beginning guitar for someone just starting out. Martin guitars are known for their beautiful and full acoustic guitar tone, and this guitar is no exception.

It has a hand-rubbed solid Sitka Spruce top that contributes to the guitar’s impressive sound. The guitar’s back and sides feature a Mahogany Pattern HPL textured finish. It has a total of 20 frets on its Solid East Indian Rosewood fretboard with 14 frets of clearance from the top of the neck to the body.

It’s a ¾ size guitar and is perfect for travel and would work great as a dorm guitar for a college student. Martin guitars tend to be expensive because of their great quality, but the Martin LX1 is very affordable without losing any of the standard Martin quality.

For a few dollars more, you can get LX1 outfitted with electronics for playing through a PA system. You simply can’t go wrong with this guitar!

Even if you don’t plan to travel much, this Little Martin guitar is a great instrument to keep around and play because of its superb playability and wonderfully rich sound.

Wherever you go where there are Martin guitars for sale, ask about this guitar and give it a try. It may be just what you’re looking for.

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