Meet the Pignose 7-100 – A Living Legend Among Vintage Portable Amps

It’s practically a giant walking among mortal men – even though its less than 10 inches tall.  We’re talking about the iconic portable amp known as every busker’s best friend and formally pronounced as the Pignose amp model 7-100.

It’s a killer-looking, killer-sounding, and extremely lightweight amp you can take just about anywhere and deliver a significant load of power, much stronger than the original wattage sticker might suggest. It’s a great device for jam sessions, playing on the street, or house practice, available at an amazingly low price.

This is Pignose’s flagship product, meaning that quite a bit of work is invested in the creation process. It also has a rich history and has received praises from quite a few iconic guitar players over time.

Old-School Feel and Killer Sound – What’s Not to Like?

This is a type of product that has that amazing feature of drawing you to like it, it’s just an irresistible item with indeed quite a few up sides. But the thing that tends to draw the customers from the get-go, the classy look, is also the factor that causes other potential customers to become suspicious of what’s really inside that nice looking box.

Well, rest assured, there’s quite a punch that’s packed within that small frame of a guitar amp. And if you won’t take our word for it, we’ll point out that customer satisfaction and sale figures of this bad boy are off the charts. Additionally, it’s been around for quite a while, and it would hardly survive today’s ferocious market if it didn’t have something to offer.

Vintage Portable Amps

Neat Features are Featured

So let’s get to some specific specs now, shall we? The amp boasts 5 watts of power delivered through a single 5-inch speaker.

And right off the bat, we’ll give you a little secret with the Pignose – it’s all about that door. Well, not everything is about it, but as you can see, the amp can be opened in half so to speak via the included hatch, and this gives you a vast array of options to adjust your tone. Just tweak with the angles and you’ll be surprised at how many different tones you’ll be able to squeeze out.

Additionally, the 7-100 can be powered through an optional AC adapted, but it also runs on six standard AA batteries, giving you quite a few hours of even performance.

standard AA batteries

Looks to Kill

With the listed dimensions of 6-1/4” x 5″ x 9-1/2″, this is one mean little dude. A mere glance at it is enough to evoke striking emotions about some of the all-time guitar legends.

The looks are not the primary factor with any musical instrument, but my oh my they can certainly inspire you to make some nice music. After all, you don’t want to embarrass yourself and play weak chops through this beauty, now do you?

Pignose Amp 7-100 Pros

Summary of time! There are quite a few aspects to consider before drawing a conclusion, so it’s best to go through a pros & cons rundown first.

On the good side, this is probably the great guitar amp in the world for the listed price. Seriously, it’s unbeatable! 5 watts of power deliver a strong output that works perfectly for street performance, house practice or smaller band sessions, the sound is clean and gritty, and the durability level is high.


On the down side, we have to point out that the power adapter does not come with the product, hence you have to cough up the extra few bucks to obtain the. The batteries can only make it run for five or six hours, and although that’s great in many ways, it’s still a drag when you can’t rely on a good ole power source. A minor flaw and a minor complaint, it’s just an annoying issue.

As always, we’d like to get a few things straight – this is an amp that can basically be used only for practice and street performing, this is not the greatest recording tool in the world. And although the likes of Frank Zappa and Canned Heat have recorded songs on it, don not expect a Pignose to deliver amazing studio performance on its own.

There are musicians who beg to differ, though, pointing out that with proper equipment, the Pignose can work like a charm even for studio work. Give it a shot and see for yourself, it sure won’t cost you much.


So, to sum up, the review – is the Pignose 7-100 a good amp? Heck yeah, it is! If you’re a beginner guitarist, this amp should be among your top picks to consider. If you’re an advanced, seasoned musician looking for a small portable amp with loads of controllable power (for the given size, of course), this might be the very top choice you can make. Affordable, first-class-sounding, pretty-looking, vintage – buy it now.

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