Introducing the Silvertone Revolver SS15 – Complete Review and Buying Guide

There’s nothing better than buying something once and getting everything you need.

That’s exactly what I appreciate about the sweet electric guitar packages offered on Amazon. For one low price, you can get a really decent bundle that includes everything your young musician just starting out is ever going to need.

That’s a huge advantage over the days of when I had to go to some shady pawn shop or corner music store.  It was expensive enough getting a good beginner guitar.  But then they’d charge you an arm and leg to get a good amplifier, a case, cords, and anything else you were going to need to get rocking!

If you’re looking for a really low introductory price on a great Fender product, then check out my review on the Squier Affinity Strat “Stop Dreaming, Start Playing” package.

However, if you’ve got just a little extra budget and would like to purchase a beginner electric guitar package that is a staple in vintage classic rock history as well as modern rock, then check out this bundle from Silvertone.

Silvertone SS15 Guitar for Many

Believe it or not, Silvertone was originally a brand name used by Sears (formally Sears, Roebuck, and Company).  It wasn’t until the 1940’s when Silvertone was introduced to the world as a line of electric guitars.

Though the brand is best known for having affordable but well-made guitars, don’t make the mistake of passing them up. 

Silvertone SS15 Guitar

Lots of famous musicians beginner guitar was a Silvertone, including Jerry Garcia, Chet Atkins, Bob Dylan, John Fogerty, Tom Fogerty, Joan Jett, Jack White, James Hetfield, Dave Grohl, Brad Paisley, and Joe Walsh.

The famous pop star Beck still even uses Silvertone guitars today as his main choice electric guitar.

Feature of the Silvertone SS15 Guitar

If you’re looking for a package that has it all, then you’ll need to check out the Silvertone SS15-TS-KIT-2 bundle.

The main feature of this package: The Silvertone Revolver SS15 electric guitar.

This guitar features a traditional double cutaway sculpted body with a bolt-on maple neck and rosewood fingerboard.   The neck is 25-1/2″ scale length with 21 frets.  It also has a vintage tremolo for subtle shimmery manipulation of chords or hard-core whammy-bar excursions, three high output single coils with 5-way selector switch, single volume, and dual tone controls, and a sleek rosewood fingerboard.

sleek rosewood fingerboard

Though any introductory guitar will have its imperfections, I think you’ll find this one to be an exception among the masses.  It plays crisp and commanding just as you’d expect from a vintage rock and roll style guitar.  Some reviews complained of the fret edges being a little sharp, but that can easily be cured with a few spare minutes and a metal file.

This electric guitar package is a real value for the money.  The rest of the package comes with:

  • A guitar amp
  • Pro Series 10-Feet Cable
  • ChromaCast Clip-On Tuner
  • Medium Gauge Vintage Pick Sampler
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty

The Revolver SS15 guitar is available in beautiful tobacco sunburst, white, black, or cobalt blue.

If you’re left-handed, they also make a left-handed version of the same package.

Final Notes

What’s not to love?  I’ve got to say that if you’re looking for a good beginner guitar that comes complete with a package of everything you need to start out, you’ll be pleased to get everything you need until your little rock star moves on to more advanced tastes.

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