Top 3 Best Takamine G Series Guitars in 2019

The series covers a vast array of styles, techniques and playing methods, so we’d like to offer a wider view of the Takamine G with three of their prominent models.

We are talking about acoustic-electric guitars, which only makes them more versatile and easy to use, plus the fact that a full electronic department is included in the mix only sweetens the deal.

So here’s a list of our favorites, a set of detailed Takamine G Series reviews is available below.

  • Takamine EG530SC
  • Takamine G-Series Jumbo Cutaway
  • Takamine G Series GN93CE

Top 3 Best Takamine G Series Guitars

1. Takamine EG530SC

We’ll kick it off with a cool dreadnought ax, the EG530 model. It features quality build, a sound quality way beyond the expectations set up by the price tag, and even some good looks to go along.


The guitar sports a dreadnought body shape with a solid spruce top and sapele back and sides, a nice and slim neck that is very comfortable and easy on the hands, as well as a standard high-quality rosewood fingerboard with 20 frets.

Takamine EG530SC

In the electronics department, the EG530 boasts a TK40 preamp with a three-band EQ for precise tonal adjustments. The sound is caught by a classic Takamine under-saddle pickup, while the mix also includes an anti-feedback filter and a built-in tuner.


The sound this guitar offers is one of the best audio outputs you can get for the listed price. The low-end is rich and booming, the middles deliver a mean punch, while the incredibly bright higher frequencies shape up a killer sound.

We are talking about a versatile instrument able to cover a vast array of styles and genres, most notably country, jazz, blues, rock, and pop.

2. Takamine G-Series Jumbo Cutaway

Up next is a big boy known as the G-Series Jumbo, the company’s largest-body guitar on the market. It is very strong and offers a cool vintage sound at a very affordable price, proving why Takamine is a great choice for steel acoustic guitars.


The guitar features a jumbo body with a solid spruce top and figured ash back and sides. It has a top-notch mahogany neck and a standard high-quality rosewood fretboard with 20 frets decorated with mother-of-pearl block and abalone triangle inlays.

Takamine G-Series Jumbo Cutaway

In the electronics department, quite a mean package we have – the TK40 preamp with a built-in tuner, a three-band EQ, a mid contour function, notch filter, an EQ bypass, plus standard volume control.


As is the case with jumbo guitars, we are talking about a very rich sound here. Much space, great power, and overall an output to match those massive looks. Therefore, when sound quality is considered, this guitar is a true bargain.

3. Takamine GN93CE

Finally, the compact economy option, one of the best acoustic guitars for the money within the given price range, the mighty GN93CE.


The mix includes a classic cutaway body with a solid spruce top and high-end rosewood back and sides, as well as a classy mahogany neck and a rosewood 20-fret fingerboard. The neck stands out as one of the top features as it provides great playability and comfort.

Takamine GN93CE

The electronic segment boasts a standard TK-40 preamp system with all the neat features listed with the previous two models. When you add the elegant glossy look and feel, this is once again an incredibly affordable mix considering the quality that this Takamine delivers.


The guitar has a great upscale feel with it, and when the electronic department is included in the mix, offers a great dose of versatility. And it’s not the type of versatility that offers a performance that is passable for every genre, we’re talking great sound regardless of the genre. A professional piece of gear at an affordable price, what more can you ask for?

Why Should I Buy a Takamine G Series Guitar?

A valid question, esteemed visitor. As noted, Takamine G series is aimed at musicians in pursuit of a quality sound at an affordable price. If the absolute peak of acoustic guitar sound is what you need, stick to the good ole $2000+ Martin six-strings, they cannot go wrong.

There are lots of different guitars you can buy, But if you’re willing to spend just a few dollars more to get twice as good of sound, then Takamine’s G Series is your deal.

These are guitars that deliver an amazingly versatile sound, have very high durability, the massively-praised affordable price and even some very nice, elegant, sleek and subtle looks. They will exceed your expectations, a highly recommended option for intermediates and budget-conscious pros.

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