Taylor Big Baby Review – The Most Affordable Big Brand Name Acoustic Guitar

When it comes to playing the acoustic guitar, there really are no two bigger names than Martin and Taylor. Those two brands are as top of the line as it gets and adored by professionals around the world.

So if there was any opportunity at all that you could own one as your first beginner guitar, I’d say go for it!

That’s what I love about the Taylor Big Baby!  (also called the BBT)  And this is my Taylor Big Baby review of this fine instrument.

About the Taylor Guitars

Taylor guitars were founded in 1974 and have since grown into one of the world’s leading manufacturers of premium acoustic and electric guitars. Their craftsmanship is matched by none other.

All you have to do is pick up one Taylor guitar and play it to know what I’m talking about. They are widely considered to be some of the easiest guitars to play and best sounding instruments around.

You can always find a Taylor guitar as the weapon of choice for any big-name artist.  Just look in the hands of Dave Matthews, Prince, Mick Jagger, and Taylor Swift to name a few.

Taylor guitars

Features of Taylor Big Baby

  • 15/16 Size Dreadnought
  • 1-11/16 inch Nut Width
  • 24-7/8 inch Scale Length
  • Natural grain unfinished Solid Sitka Spruce top
  • Sapele Back/Sides
  • Body Length: 19 1/2″ / Body Width: 15″ / Body Depth: 4″
  • Comes with a lightweight high-quality Brown padded gig bag (for ease of portability); complete with a handle, straps, and pocket.

For price and affordability, you could stand to do any number of upgrades to this instrument.  You could protect it even further by purchasing a nice hard-shell molded case.

Or another thing you could do would be to get a pickup professionally installed.  That would allow you to plug it into an amplifier and do live shows while not sacrificing that great Taylor tone.

The Taylor Big Baby Overview

The Big Baby is quite possibly either one of the finest guitars ever made around the $400 price mark or an incredible mistake from Taylor to release such a fine guitar for such a low price! 

It’s going to be very difficult for you to find another acoustic guitar within this price range that sounds this amazing or plays this incredible.

The BBT is the ideal compromise of that great Taylor ease of play, outstanding sound, and affordability.  Like the Baby, the Big Baby has an arched back that provides strength and contributes to its big tonal output. 

Though some would consider this to be a beginner guitar, there are lots of people (even professionals) who use this guitar in the studio, travel and live performances.

Slightly bigger than its predecessor, the Baby Taylor, the Big Baby is a 15/16-scale Dreadnought style acoustic guitar. 

Taylor Big Baby

It is the perfect size if you are a smaller than average person or find traditional acoustic guitars too large and bulky to play comfortably, then you might have an easier time with a model of this size.


It’s difficult to deny the beauty of this guitar.  It has an updated yet elegant shaped pickguard, rich ebony fretboard, and a very muted but very cool laser-etched rosette.  But above all else, it’s Taylor’s neck gives the Big Baby that nice, more expensive feel.

One thing you’ll notice right away: This guitar is loud!  It’s as if there is literally a volume knob inside it turned all the way up to 10.  This is especially surprising given the guitar’s smaller build.

Final Notes

Whether you’re into playing songs that strum or use finger picking, you’ll be impressed by how amazing the tone and clarity is. 

The intonation is right on and the action is nice and low for any kind of finger-work you can do.  Even the harmonics are clear and crisp! 

Despite being billed as an introductory-level model, this guitar still has that famous bright Taylor sound

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