Stand Out in the Crowd with the Vintage Modified Squier Jazzmaster

Do you love the sound of Fender electric guitars but are looking for something other than another copy-cat of the Stratocaster or Telecaster?

Have you ever heard of the Fender Jazzmaster?  It was originally released in 1958 as an alternative to the already popular Strat and Tele.  It had a radical-for-the-time (but incredibly comfortable) contoured offset-waist body, dual lead and rhythm circuits, and single-coil pickups that produced richer, warmer sound than its stablemates.

Even though it was originally aimed at (go figure) jazz musicians, this hip looking, the higher-end model has become the staple to everything from surf pop to modern day indie and punk guitar.  Even Kurt Cobain from Nirvana used to play a very similar looking Fender Mustang.

Unfortunately, an authentic Jazzmaster guitar is really expensive!  Brand new models can cost you over $1,000 or more.

But fear not!  You can still get all that vintage vibe for a fraction of the price.  Squier, Fender’s entry-level line of guitars, has their own rendition of this iconic instrument that is sure to not disappoint!

It’s called the Vintage Modified Squier Jazzmaster, and it offers a great value for the money!  Even though the Squier brand gets marketed towards beginner guitarists, a fair number of experienced and professional ones choose to own them because of their great compromise of performance and affordability.

Vintage Modified Squier Jazzmaster Main Features

I think you’ll find that the Squier Jazzmaster has all the same look and feel of the original Fender model.  Just check out the list of features and compare for yourself:

  • Light-weight alder body
  • C-Shape maple neck with a vintage-tint gloss finish
  • Modern 9.5 inch radius rosewood Fingerboard with 21 medium jumbo frets and parchment dot inlays
  • Duncan Designed single-coil pickups
  • pickup selector toggle switch,
  • white Stratocaster-like control knobs
  • vintage-style bridge
  • non-locking floating vibrato
  • A long vintage-style tremolo arm (aka a whammy bar)
  • vintage-style chrome tuners
  • chrome hardware

Squier’s Vintage Modified Jazzmaster is most distinct characteristic is the two Duncan Designed JM-101 single-coil Jazzmaster pickups that serve up everything from glassy cleans to jangly crunch. These dudes are armed with Alnico 5 magnets – same as classic vintage pickups – which give them the warmth, clarity and punch to compete with your drummer.

Squier Jazzmaster

The tone of this guitar is very versatile.  The sound is inherently bright and punchy.  Most of the people who purchase the Squier Jazzmaster find it great for blues, classic rock, or any style that adapts to light distortion.  But then other musicians claim to love the sound when you push it with heavy distortion.

Most guitar tech enthusiasts or those with a few extra bucks to spend at the guitar doctor will find that a few modifications to the action or height of the pickups will add tons of value to an already quality instrument.

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