Washburn C5CE Classical Guitar Review

There’s something elegant about playing the classical guitar. Not only are they able to keep the perfect rhythm but they are also able to weave an intricate of melodies throughout the piece. It’s truly an impressive and advanced form of art!

No matter what kind of music you’re into or style you prefer to play if you want to learn how to be a truly well-rounded guitar player, then learning how to play the classical guitar will challenge you to develop skills in ways you never thought possible.

About Washburn

Though there are many manufacturers who specialize in making great classical guitars (such as Cordoba), there have also been plenty of mainstream brands who have come out with their own decent versions as well. Washburn is one of those brands who has done this very exceptionally.

Washburn has been manufacturing some solidly built guitars since 1883. Though not as well-known as some other top-of-the-line brands, Washburn has been a trusted brand by many professional guitar players such as Paul Stanley of KISS and Stu Hamm.

Playing Style

The best classical guitar players in the world have a solid grasp of the capabilities of their instrument.

best classical guitar players

The style encourages you to be a guitar virtuoso, playing beautiful sounding arrangements that stand alone. With classical guitar, you have to develop your finger-picking skills as well as your ability to fret single notes, double stops, and chords while making rapid changes throughout the course of a song.

Instead of strumming chords or playing riffs that are only a small part of a song, you play a mixture of melody and harmony all at the same time.

Who for This Guitar

While you can play classical guitar music on a standard acoustic guitar, there is no substitution for the soft, sharp sound of nylon strings. If you’re interested in buying a great beginner classical guitar at a price that won’t leave you with buyer’s remorse, then check out this guitar.

Washburn C5CE Classical Guitar Features

If you’re looking for a great introductory guitar that happens to be classical, then Washburn has quite a deal for you. The Washburn Classical Series C5CE Classical Acoustic-Electric Guitar is a very high-quality instrument with one of the smallest price tags you’re ever going to find.

Classical guitars achieve their warm elegant tone from a mixture of the woods selected for their construction and the nylon strings that are a prominent feature of classical guitar playing.

The C5CE has a spruce top and catalpa sides and back. The neck is constructed from mahogany and the fingerboard is rosewood.


Owners of this guitar compliment it for its low string action and flat neck. Its single cutaway design gives you plenty of much-needed access to the upper frets. Play any combination of single notes or chords up and down the fretboard, and you’ll notice that each note sounds out clear.

Do you plan on playing live? The Washburn C5CE is also a great option for playing live because its onboard EVT electronics which reproduce the guitar’s tone perfectly over a live sound system. Plus it has it’s own built in tuner!

The guitar has a natural finish with a slightly orange tint. The intricate design surrounding the sound hole gives this guitar a great classical guitar look.

great classical guitar

Final Verdict

The Washburn C5CE is an awesome classical guitar with all of the features that make this guitar produce sound great nylon-string sounds. But what’s most impressive about this instrument is the price.

There aren’t a lot of great starter guitars you can own like this that is only going to set you back.

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