The Yamaha Pacifica PAC012 – An Amazing Guitar for the Money

If you’re looking for an interesting but affordable guitar that will be a little different from what your friends probably have, then you’ll want to check out this killer bad boy from Yamaha known as Pacifica PAC012.

Pacifica is generally known as one of the six-string series that offer top value for the money, and the PAC012 just might be its crowning jewel.

As you folks probably very much know, today’s market is packed and basically over-saturated with various guitar manufacturers, making cheap guitars available just about on every corner. But the real trick is to find a gem among the sea of mediocre or plain bad instruments. Well, this Yamaha just happens to match the desired description.

Strong and Versatile Sound for a Modern Player

To kick off the features discussion, we’ll focus on the most crucial aspect, the sound. We’re not sure if it’s the electronic department or the building material, but this thing is strong!

And not only does it pack a punch, but we’re talking about controllable power and great versatility. You can be into rock, pop, punk, metal, jazz, blues … you name it, the Pacifica has you covered.

On the sonic side, the higher registry is where the little dude shines the most. The low end is strong and booming, the middles are just strong enough to deliver the punch, but the higher registry is just amazingly clear and bright, and does an amazing job in rounding up the overall audio output.

pickup configuration

So if you’re looking for a guitar that delivers brutal low-end, skip this one, but a mere glance at the pickup configuration would suggest that despite the versatility, this is not the go-to option for brutal metal.

Unique Features of the Yamaha Pacifica PAC012

The guitar sports an aga this body, a very slim and super-playable maple neck, a snorkeling fingerboard with 22 frets, a vintage tremolo to get the baby moaning a bit, a Master volume knob, a classic Tone knob, and a five-position switch for pickup adjustments and tonal variations.

The PAC012 sports an H/S/S pickup combo, meaning that it utilizes a bridge humbucker pickup and a pair of single-coil pickups in the neck and mid positions. This ensures a clean tone and an optional dose of crunch to cover the heavier styles if such vibe and tone are needed.

Classic Looks

As the image clearly suggests, this Yamaha went for a classic Fender Stratocaster look and did a fine job in replicating it, although by crafting just a tad more curvy body. Overall, the craftsmanship is at a high level, and the six-string is available in one of the following two color finishes:

  • Black
  • Metallic Blue

Pacifica VS Classic Strat – Can It Beat the Master?

This is actually a common question, and the answer is, well … no. But we’d like to make a point here – this guitar costs at least 10, if not 20 times less than a classic Fender Strat, yet it offers much more than a 10-20 times worse sound.

As a matter of fact, the Pacifica can stand up and provide excellent performance against a cheaper, Mexican version of the Strat, most likely beating it at least in the higher registry department, although probably not in overall performance.

Pacifica vs. Classic Strat

So, better – no; still amazing – absolutely.

Yamaha Pacifica PAC012 Pros and Cons

As always, it is best to sum up our overall thoughts on the product with a brief summary of good and not so good sides.

On the upside, the Pacifica PAC012 offers an amazing, dare we say a stunning value for the money. The sound is very strong and well-rounded, the craftsmanship is first-rate and the electronic department packs a mean machine.

So for a price of a stronger beginner instrument, not only will you get an amazing beginner instrument, but a guitar you can wield well into the intermediate stage. If you round up your sonic mix with a solid amp and a few neat pedals based on your musical taste, this is a guitar you can do great live shows with.

On the downside, we’d like to bring up a few minor issues such as the occasional rattling of the E string or the occasional lack of lower end. So our advice is to take the guitar to an expert and have it properly set up according to your needs; it won’t cost you much, but it will go a long way in improving your sound.


In conclusion, this is an awesome guitar and one of the top choices within the given price range. Don’t listen to the people frowning upon it as a cheap piece of useless wood, because it’s a great guitar that offers a lot for its budget-friendly price, but don’t listen to folk raving praises about it either, because as noted, it’s a great guitar that offers a lot for its budget-friendly price, not the Holy Grail of six-strings.

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