Yamaha YPG635 Digital Piano Review

If you are one of those people who have always wanted to play a large piano then Yamaha YPG635 Digital Piano is definitely for you as it gives a realistic feel of a large-sized piano. The good news is you could find thirty built-in songs on this piano and there are seventy more if you explore the CD-ROM.

So, if you are a beginner and have a passion for playing the piano then you can definitely learn to play piano with the help of these songs. Yamaha Educational Suite is best for the beginners and helps a lot in the lessons.

There are 2 USB ports available which can be used for recording. You could also use them for saving songs or tracks. If you want to playback MIDI files then you can also use these two ports.

Sound System

As far as the sound system is concerned, there is a stereo system which is two-way and also bass boost feature. If you are looking for enhanced sound then digital signal processing feature is also available in this piano. The weight of the piano is seventy-nine pounds approximately.

There is a wonderful wooden stand as well. You could also find a PA150 adapter with the product. If you are looking for a piano which is amazingly responsive then you definitely cannot say no to this awesome and cool piano. Another feature includes 64 notes pony so basically, it is very hard for you to run out of notes.

The wooden stand offers a very suitable height which is great for playing the piano. Another prominent thing which you would notice about Yamaha YPG635 is the ease of operation. Everything is not only at your fingertips but it is also easily accessible.

When it comes to digital effects and digital signal processing, there is just no competition with Yamaha. This is one of the reasons that you could find electronic products of Yamaha in one of the most sophisticated studios.

Same is true for Yamaha YPG635 Digital Piano as well as there are 29 reverb effects of exceptional quality that would blow away your mind. In addition to that, there are twenty-six harmony effects as well. So, the space in which you are playing this piano does not become a problem as this could be played in a small room to a concert hall.

Yamaha YPG635

Keyboard Mode

Yamaha YPG635 Digital Piano also has a full keyboard mode which lets the piano player experience the piano with the keyboard. The price of the piano is nine hundred and thirty-five dollars.

It might seem a bit price but the amount of features this product offers, the price is very small. There are few quirks but the good features still outweigh those few quirks and this product is worth a shot.

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